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Image by Zachary Nelson

Level Up Seattle is a specialized social venture program for at-risk youth ages 18-24 that provides housing and business opportunities so residents can create meaningful, fully-developed lives. The program is designed to fill in the gaps that may exist as a result of living to survive instead of living to thrive independently.

Level Up Seattle understands that stable, long-term housing, food and safety are the first steps to building a self-sufficient future.  By providing those basic needs to a homeless, at-risk youth, the program is then designed to build the confidence, financial, social and life skills necessary to address the opportunity to thrive.  Taking into consideration the individual needs of each of the residents each one will have a custom plan to help them take the next steps towards an independent future including, but not limited to; resume building, job searching, vocational/job training and/or continuing education.

The project began with one home that houses 8 residents and the initial property has already been purchased in Edmonds, WA.  The mortgage of the property is sustainable as the residents will participate in covering the expenses albeit at a discounted rate and when needed it will be covered via a scholarship and/or other incentives.  Over 5 years the goal is to have 10 homes within the State of Washington.   

Level Up Seattle understands that these problems cannot be addressed without the support of the community and strategic partners and organizations all working together to achieve a successful outcome and for the last year the non-profit has been building collaborations and partnerships to structure a plan to ensure the success of each individual in the program.

Level Up Seattle relies on the support of the local community to reach our goals.  We are so grateful for your support! 

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