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INvest In Our Future Generation

Every dollar to Level Up Makes a Difference.

Below are examples of how your funds are utilized to make an impact on the lives of those living at the LevelUp House.

$25 Gift cards for recognition and fun

$25 Personal set of 2 Bath towels, Hand Towel and Washcloths

$60 Transportation to appointments, etc

 1 month of kitchen staples, supplies, paper products

$75 Lunch for House Meetings

$100 30 day supply of cleaning products, laundry detergent, dish soap

$150 1 month of kitchen staples, supplies, paper products

$350 Student quality laptop

$750 Replace bed setup - mattress, mattress pad, sheets, linens

$450 1 month of utilities & WIFI

$1000 Install accessibility for wheel chair - Pavers, Door Lock, Garage door key pad 

Scholarship to cover 1st 3 months of the program for one Young Adult.  Rent and wrap around services, supplies to get settled, damage deposit, (example work boots, items for job, toiletries)

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